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Great Vibes w/ Carmen Grillo of “Tower of Power”

Nov. 28, 2012

So, I am sooooo excited to announce that I am working on another project with THE Carmen Grillo of “Tower of Power”. We are several songs in at this point and our vibe and chemistry is AMAZING !! We have HUGE plans for these upcoming songs and I am elated to have someone of his musical stature to believe in me and what I do. We have already teamed up with some wonderful writers and producers like, Will Champlin, Andrae Alexander, August Rucker and many more.

Please stay tuned in to hear some of the newest music! THIS IS JUST THE BEGINNING smile  cool smile

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About Khadia

Khadia, a Washington, DC native, is a spark of life for this generation! Her refreshing and explosive persona combined with her electrifying performance will captivate millions. Very rarely are we fortunate enough to find an artist that successfully captures the essence of so many areas of popular music and molds them into her own.

Khadia has already been afforded many opportunities such as performing…

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