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06 December 2009

Home from LA

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Hey fellow bloggers ! Ok, I just got home from Los Angeles after 2 weeks and it was a very productive trip. I performed twice at R&B Live at Cinaspace on Hollywood Blvd. I received rave reviews from the promoters, the host, the band and most importantly the audience! Even Tony Rock (Chris Rocks’s Brother) said that I was a SUPERSTAR !  So, you know I’m on serious grind time now people ! I am finishing up the album and preparing for several shows I have lined up in December. I’ll keep you updated on when and where !! ☺

Khadia - Alternative Pop Music Artist
1. Too Perfect // Too Perfect
  1. 1. Too Perfect // Too Perfect
  2. 2. We Could Be in Love // We Could Be in Love
  3. 3. If I – Khadia Handon // If I
  4. 4. Would you do it again // Would You Do It Again?